Using DVD player lens cleaner w/ a DVD burner




Are there any issues with using DVD player lens cleaner w/ a DVD burner? Conceptually they are pretty much the same, but not technically. I wanted some insights before going ahead.

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My understanding is that is not something you should do.



Yes. Nearly all manufacturers of DVDRW drives advise not to use lens cleaner discs.



It’s always better to clean the DVD len manually if necessary. Open it up and blow off the dust with the camera cleaning kit or use the camera len cleaning paper/cloth to wipe off the dirt.


Is that the only option? I’ve open one before when a DVD got stuck and it was tedious experience as I remember. Castros, how often do you it?

How about a compressed air?

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How often you clean it depends on your room condition, disc condition and how often you use the drive. Loan disc is usually more dirty and dusty than personal disc, hence it’s always wise to wipe clean the loan disc before insert it into your DVD drive. Under normal usage condition you only need to clean the lens once per year. Once you open up the drive, might as well use a strong vacuum cleanner to suck all the dust from inside the drive.