Using DVD+ media - no widescreen?

Hi - first post, be gentle!

Have a NEC 3530 drive, and am trying to rip files recorded on my Philips stand alone DVD+ recorder and burn to another disk.

Problem is that, although the files were recorded in widescreen mode, when played back using the 3530 they appear as fullscreen (4:3) - this is the case whichever software is used for playback, or whether its a DVD+R or +RW disk. The files ripped using DVDecrypter also appear to be 4:3, so I end up burning a disk full of 4:3 material when I want it in widescreen.

Pre-recorded DVDs play back in the correct aspect ratio using the NEC, so I’m wondering whether the NEC has a problem with + media.

Anyone shed any light on this?

A number of dvds have both a widescreen and full screen version. My guess is you didn’t correctly identifiy the proper file. It’s too early in the am to give you a full answer on how to do thie. :rolleyes:

Exactly so. Has nothing to do with the drive REALLY.

But he is talking about discs he has recorded on his standalone DVD recorder. I think this is rather som problem with the DVD+R(W) video format which does not have the same support for WSS as the DVD-R(W) format.

See item 2) in this post:

Ahh. Now I understand. :eek:

It’s not necessarily so that the content has been recorded in VR format.
So far we don’t know this… VR offers some improvements and has also some disadvantages.

My guess is that the drive/software accessing the disc could be limited to some specific formats too.

Finally, who told you that the content was really recorded in WS??

Read his post. He has recorded it himself on his own recorder. And the Philips recorder can only record in DVD+VR mode so we do know that.

Is it not possible to just patch the stream to set the WSS flag when editing on your PC? I thought I heard of something like that somewhere.

The issue here is not the NEC drive (or any other PC drive actually) but the Philips standalone recorder, which writes the disc using the VR format, that is NOT compatible with standards when it comes to anamorphic encoding (not only incompatibility of VR, actually :rolleyes: ).

I don’t know if it’s possible with the Philips (I hope so, or I’ll recommend everyone to never go for a Philips standalone), but you should record all your discs in Video format, not VR format, or you’re stuck with discs that are only good to be played back on a VR-compliant standalone player.

If this can only be achieved with -R discs, then switch to -R discs (will cost you less than buying a new standalone recorder).

As for the discs you’ve already recorded in VR format, no idea if it’s possible to digitally transcode them to standard. :confused:

This thread should be moved to the DVD recorder section or Copy DVD section IMO as it has nothing to do with the NEC drive. :disagree:

Many misunderstandings there, but lets get one thing clear - the Philips machines are perfectly capable of recording anamorphic material, it’s just that they don’t store the widescreen switching (WSS) flag as expected by another player/PC app.

All that’s necessary is to switch the display aspect ratio manually - if it’s a true anamorphic picture then it’ll look OK. If it isn’t, then it’ll look squashed. You should try this step before wasting any more time.

If you have an anamorphic recording, it’s obviously irritating to have to switch A/R manually, so a reliable procedure is to rip the recording and author to DVD folders on the PC HDD. Then the WSS flag can be set using IFOedit, and the folders burned with Nero or whatever. No re-encoding necessary.

An alternative is to use DVD Patcher on the individual ripped MPEG2 files, without altering the IFO file. This has the advantage that you can mix 4:3 and 16:9 titles on the same disc.

Some discussion, and how to do both things, can be found here

Now THAT’s a great post :slight_smile: - and a great link. Thanks :flower:

I think part of the misunderstanding comes from the fact that Dogran didn’t mention that his 4/3 picture looked horizontally shrinked, so I assumed it was a plain 4/3 - 1:33 picture: "so I end up burning a disk full of 4:3 material when I want it in widescreen. ".

Actually it would clear things a lot, Dogran, if you tell us if your “4/3 picture” looks normal or shrinked when you play the disk on your PC :wink:

I certainly hope so! :slight_smile: Actually I don’t think anyone said otherwise? :confused:

I think that all (?) DVD+R(W) standalone recorders are only capable of VR recording. The Philips certainly does not record to anything else than VR mode.

Note that you cannot compare DVD-VR and DVD+VR in terms of compatability. DVD+VR is much better and can be played back on most standalone players today. You do not need a “VR capable” player actually. The compatability of DVD+R(W)/VR are of course not as good as DVD-R(W) in video mode but not that far behind.

I have some discs recorded on a Philips in DVD+VR which play back perfectly in my Panasonic recorder, which has a manual that explicitly states that no DVD+R(W) can be played back whatsoever!

There are however other reasons to stay away from Philips recorders, such as bad quality…

You got me confused now. I don’t know much about these “+R only” standalone recorders, I didn’t even know they existed. I have a -R recorder, and I can choose between the VR and VIDEO modes when writing to -RW. I assumed it would be the same with +RW…?..

I still have a lot to learn in this area. :doh: - All I know is that RW discs that I recorded in VR modes on my standalone have all sorts of compatibility problems, when those recorded in Video mode are trouble-free…

Well I’m way out of my league here LOL - have some other links to places to learn? :slight_smile:

This is not the case. Philips recorders will use both +R and +RW discs - but only +RW use +VR mode. Take a look at the disc information using DVDInfoPro with a PC drive, and you won’t see ‘+VR’ indicated on a +R.

If you set the booktype of the +RW to DVD-ROM using your Philips recorder, then the compatibility will be increased.

All Philips recorders will use +RW and +R discs, except for the very early models which only used +RW (a point I missed out when replying above). Other manufacturers like Sony only implement a hugely-crippled version of +VR on +RW, and some will allow +R discs to be recorded.

There’s no such thing as VR mode or Video mode like the <minus> format, and the main differences are pretty basic, like you can rewrite to +RW and write-once to +R. The whole <plus> format was designed to be as simple as possible, intended as an acceptable VCR replacement to the non-technical consumer, and as a consequence lost the flexibility of the <minus> format (eg more efficient disc space useage, frame level editing).

To be honest, having a browse round the old forum would be useful. It’s searchable for specific queries. Otherwise, for the uninitiated:

…and for the “initiated”:

You have the same problem I have with my DVDR610

Recorder is recording in 16:9 but setting flag on disc to 4:3.

You need to copy contents of DVD to hard drive, and using IFOEDIT, open up the file VIDEO_TS.IFO from the VIDEO_TS folder and edit the string marked below so that it displays in 16:9, setting automatic pan&scan and automatic letterbox options as well.

Set aspect ratio and static as follows:

Once you have done this, save the file and burn all the files back to a new DVD. From here your video will play correctly.

The original poster (Dogran) never came back, but I for myself can use this info, thanks LosBenitos! :slight_smile: