Using DVD Fab to back up dvd's to external HDD to play on xbox360

So what I want to do is back up my DVD collection to a usb hard drive to plug into my xbox 360 and watch from that. I’ve got DVDFab Platinum and have been trying to use the DVD to Mobile option for the Xbox 360 to rip my movie. But it says its going to take about 3hrs to complete.

I’ve searched the forums and found post talking about reseting the DMA setting in my dvd fab and rebooted my pc but still says 3hrs to complete. Is this normal should it take this long to rip a movie from the dvd drive to the hard drive in WMV format? Should I use something else? I was looking into DIVX and how to do that but I’m very new to all of this.

Just in case anyone needs to know my computer is a Dell Latitude D830 Running Vista Ult. My CPU is a Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 2.00Ghz and I have 2GB of ram. I’ve got a PBDS DVD±RW DS-8W1P ATA drive. Under my IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers I have two IDE Channel’s one says ATAPI cdrom Ultra DMA mode 2 and the other ATA Disk Ultra DMA mode 5.

I hope this information helps and that someone would guide my to a solution.


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