Using dvd decrypter (or somthing) from harddrive

I have followed some tutorials and have successfully extracted DVD movie files to my play station portable using DVD decrypter and psp9 software,however,dvd decrypter will only deal with disc’s in my burner. My question is, is there a program (preferably free) that will do what DVD decrypter does (reduces main movie files to one vob ) but from my hard drive rather than from a dvd disc ?
Thanks in advance


i don’t know if there’s another program, but if you don’t find a better way there’s always another option:

you can create an ISO out of the files you already have on your hard drive (using poweriso, magiciso, ultraiso…any image creating program) them mount the image onto a virtual drive and use dvd decrypter on the virtual disc in the virtual drive. DVDD will treat the virtual drive as if it were a regular DVD in one of your physical drives.

I know that wasn’t an explanation you were looking for, but at least it’s a workaround. I’m sure someone will be able to recommend something for you though!

Reasons you gave the best option for free. Move the files from the PSP to the HDD then make sure they are VOB files DVD Shrink can do this too. It is similar to DVDD. The only thing I see you mght need to do is convert the PSP format to VOB.Then you can use reasons or my ideal to burn to DVD.

dvdshrink will do it

Thank you all for your prompt replies, I did as you suggested, mounted a iso created by shrink, mounted the image with alcohol 120 and that tricked dvdd into thinking it was a physical drive, thanks a bunch !
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No need for all that ISO creation/ mounting, etc. Smartripper works from files aready on the HD.