Using DLA with Roxio?



I have Roxio Creator Plus! Dell Edition with DLA.With a NEC 3650a DVD±RW drive with firmware :105c. I have never used DLA so I am curious what are the pros and the cons of using it??

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It’s packet writing software. Roxio used to supply DragToDisk which was pretty good as these applications go but I guess you’ve got v8 or v9 where Sonic software has replaced the original Roxio apps.

The idea is to allow drag & drop using Windows Explorer which on the face of it is quite handy but can be fraught with problems. It’s not a system to be relied upon too heavily.

Personally I’d avoid it.


I haven’t used it and really didnn’t plan on it but I to know the pros and cons of it you know. If it’s in your pc you should get all the info you can on it I think. At least that way you know what you have to work with if you need it.