Using differant formats

hi i am new to computing i could use some add vice as to what i am doing exspeicaly in backing things up i crash alot

You may want to read the following guides for copying:

Are you talking about backing up movies, or backing up other disks (software), or are you talking about backing up your computer hard drive/personal files (you said you crash a lot)?

i am running vista and it seams that every other day my pc tells me that my operating system is missing, so oi reboot hit computer repair and it gets me going for awhile. sometimes i have had to reboot the whole system from scratch. this brings me to the backing up of soft ware, short clips ect…

Yes Vista is like that! :slight_smile:

back to my media question i have some mpeg mpg clips that i want to sring togther, is that possible or am i crazy for thinking so

I’m not sure what you mean, sring together (typo)? You can just burn a standard data disk using nero or whatever (udf format if I am not mistaken). This is a standard format, same as would be on purchased software. Windows can read the disks just fine without any special software. you will just basically have files and folders, same as you would on a hard drive. If you are wanting to back up your whole hard drive, so that you can reinstall without having to go through the full install or repair process, you would want to use a backup program like acronis true image. If you meant to say string together, and you want to combine multiple mpeg videos into a single video file, you would want to use video editing software. Could you clarify a bit?

i think i have the backing up of files down now. and when i started this question what i was have issues with is i have some mpeg, mpg ect… i would like to mix and match some of them is this possible???i have tried dr divx, and a couple of others , when they gothough theprogram it says that it is enconding them all , maybe i am wrong in thinking that this means that they have been converted to the same formate… but when i play it in a stand alond dvd/divx/dvd-r, cd-r player some of the clips play others get skipped over and then there is the upside down movie???/, by the way i am andy and i work 2nd shift so i am able to get on this thread form midnight to about 6 a.m. or when ever my wife makes me go to bed

So if I understand right, you have assorted file types, and you want to be able to play them all in a stand alone dvd/divx player? The best option might be to convert to dvd. Tehn they should play in most dvd players. the disadvantage doing that though (and its a big disadvantage), is that som of those avi files may have much higher compression. that means that when you convert to dvd, you may only be able to fit 700Mb on a dvd (as that 700 Mb will expand to fill the dvd when converted.

As far as converting your files to divx that is compatible with your standalone player (maybe a better option as you can get a lot more on a disk), you are going to have to take it a file at a time since you are working with several different file types. While I have only done a limited amount of conversion, my experience has been, there is not a single program that will work with every file (not a simple to use one anyway). In other words, use one conversion program. Keep the files that play fine, and try another program on the files that did not convert right. Maybe use dvd-rw to test files so that you are not wasting disks. To some extent you can just play them on your computer to see if they converted right, without having to burn. Personally, I used to convert to nero digital as nero seemed pretty reliable and my standalone player would play it. Now I use an htpc (and still convert to nero digital to get movies smaller on the hard drive).
you can use gspot
to identify what a particular file is.
Here are some tools.
Under tool features you can select what file types you want to convert from and to.
You can find guides here
Under format conversion, you can again, select what file type you want to convert from and too.
With any luck, most will convert fine with one program, and you can get the few problem ones with other programs. Then you can just burn a standard data dvd with the files on it, and your stand alone should play it.
Hope that helps some.

thank you for the insight , while it was not the easy one touch fix i was hopeing for it sounds like with a these tools and some work i can achive what i am hoping for. do you know if nero and windows vista are compatible???