Using Cue file on Flac Files Converted to wav?


Please excuse my ignorance on these matters.

I know Cue files are usually used with Bin Files, however I have a different scenario in which I want to use a Cue file (if possible). I have download some Flac files from the internet. As part of the download a Cue file is included which lists the track names and gaps between them etc. I have converted the Flac files into wav files so I can burn onto a CD and play on my CD player.

I presume I can use the Cue file to ensure the wav files are burnt onto the CD correctly with the correct gaps (or not as appropriate), otherwise I can’t see the point of including the cue file, but can’t work out how to do this. Can someone please first confirm if I can do this and if so give me a step by step guide.

Thank you

You do not need the .CUE file when you convert .wav files into the audio cd format. Try opening the .CUE file in Notepad and see what it actually does. :slight_smile: