Using cracked dll for nero



doesnt seem to I have 2 options to tick the "smart media" while the one on the left is greyed out...:frowning:

anyone has the original dll for me to undo the mistake?
I forgot to backup the old one... :frowning:


Using cracked files is illegal and I am sorry to say that all you have to blame is yourself.

removing Nero and install it over again could perhaps help you.

Please keep this board clean from illegal activities…


Yep!. Same problem. Have contacted Crackerrw and will advise by private mail when sorted.


Reinstalling should put the original file back.

I use CD-Mate and there disabling “Smartburn” alread works properly :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW: You can’t disable burnproof before you have disabled smartburn. That’s why it’s greyed out I think.

And that is backside of the medal when using cracked stuff :stuck_out_tongue: