Using component on dvdr72/17

Hello i am trying to get an answer but i have not been able to find any help yet. I am using a Philips DVDR72/17 dvd recorder and the back has several inputs and outputs. There is EXT1 which is Component cables and EXT2 which is composite. Outputs both have component and composite. It says in the manual

“Do not connect a Progressive Scan video source to the IN EXT 1 COMPONENT VIDEO jacks. The Recorder cannot recive Progressive Scan video.”

So I am not very tech when it comes to video stuff, but isnt all Component progressive scan? Or is there also interlaced? I just want to hook up my cable box via component to record, but I am guessing HD and all the shows on the cable box are progressive scan. Is there anyway to get my cable box to be able to record with the DVD recorder?

Thanks for the help

Component is not always progressive - for standard resolution, it can be 576p (progressive) or 576i (interlaced) for PAL countries, 480p/i for NTSC.

For hi definition, only 720p (progressive) is defined, but 1080 is specified for both.

Surprised to see no SCART/RGB options there, it’s either component or composite.

The DVDR72 is a legacy Philips machine and the ‘/17’ indicates US model (= NTSC). Perhaps I don’t understand too well what is hoped from connecting a High Def input to an MPEG2-based DVD-Video recorder but at the back of the manual, the technical specifications should tell you towards the back what the accepted interlace/progressive signals would be.