Using CloneDVD2 to write a two sided Dvd onto a single DVD?

I have a two sided dvd movie. It’s not massive or anything. I would just like to know if it is possible to use CloneDVD2 to somehow write the split-up movie portions of this dvd onto a single dvd. I appreciate any help in this matter.

What type of movie are you trying to backup?
Edit> I think this is something you would want to use DVDShrink for.
You could definatly put both of the tracks you wanted onto the dvd…
Side A and side b…simply re-author the dvd… making sure to put each side into that backup itself

I’m assuming your original is a “flippy” where 1/2 the movie is on side 1 and the other half on side 2 and you want to combine them so your backup copy os not a “flippy”. No - I do not believe CloneDVD2 can do this.

But I expect DVDShrink can. If you put each side of your dvd into its own directory on your hard disk, DVDShrink (in reauthor mode) can string titles together to play in sequence because it can select items from multiple directories. Then you can shrink that down to fit and burn from there. However, pay attention to the compression level indicators in Shrink if you do this because the quality could get pretty bad. These must be pretty good size vob’s if they are taking up 2 sides of a disc on the original?

That would leave out the menu, of course. What I don’t get - why not burn the two sides of a flipper not on two different single layer discs? Would let you keep the menus, would be less hassle and would be much cheaper than a dual layer media.

Thats the one thing I hate about shrink, any re-author and you lose menu function

If someone combined all the best features of DVDShrink and CloneDVD2 into a single package, we would have a truly dynamite program afterwards.

i’m also in 100% agreement with this haha.

I don’t know if anyone reads these so long after the original post, but I wanted to say that I’d followed ya’lls advice and downloaded dvd shrink. It worked great for joining the two portions of my flippy. You do lose the menus, and there’s something weird about the way in which the joined dvd acts as two segments. When watching the dvd, after it passes over the joined part, it’s not possible (or at least I can’t do it) to pass back to the initial segment of the movie without starting the whole thing over. This is a definite downside. Finally, I spoke with someone from Dvdclone2 and they said that it is not possible to join segments of a flippy with DVDClone2. Thanks everyone.