Using Clone DVD with DVD+RW's



Hi, all. Should DVD+RW’s be formated before burning with CloneDVD? Or should they just be used without formating first? (I tried one that I formated with DirectCD and even though I set CloveDVD to overwrite, it seemed to write to the drive, but nothing is on the disk. If I look at the surface, it appears to be written to.)


I’ve never had an issue with DVD+RW. The software detects it’s either formatted or has data on it, then proceeds to overwrite it and burn ok. Do you experience this problem with other software?


Don’t format it with DirectCD, that’s for packet writing only. I’ve had a lot of problems in the past with Direct cd. Just use a brand new DVD\RW, no need to format, and stick it in the drive when you want to burn. I’ve done it dozens of times and it works like a charm.
I usually use the RW when I’m not absoutely positive how the movie results may turn out.
I test using a DVD/RW if it was a good burn by playing back on the stand alone DVD player, if all is well I burn the saved files on the hard drive to a DVD+(my preference).

Then I put the DVD/RW back in the PC and erase it using DVDInfoPro, takes about 15 seconds or less and it’s clean for a future test.


That worked great. Thanks guys.