Using Clone DVD to Make one DVD file

I’m trying to use Clone DVD to output a movie as a single file and I’m a total newbie!. Lets say I copy my Rounders disc and I want to run it through a convertor to make it a MPEG-4 file for my PSP, do I use the DVD file option or the ISO option, (I tested both types and my encoder will do both.)? It spits out mutiple files for the movie. Is there a way to combine these into one file before putting it through the convertor, or do I have to put the movie in the PSP in multiple parts, (Please say there is a way!). Lastly, if I want to compress it down into a smaller file, what should I use? Thanks in advance for any responses.

Never done this, and I am sure that one of the more experienced guys will shoot me down in flames, but what you should be able to do is on the second screen of CloneDVD2 is select a custom size - to what ever size you want it to compress to. Then on the 4th screen select ISO and then let her rip. The ISO option should output 1 big file - run that through you converter to MPEG-4.

Let me know how you get on - I am looking at getting a PSP when the get released here later in the year!!