Using clone dvd 2

At the very beginning of the program there is a drop down box with DVD-5, DVD+r, minidvd, DVD-RAM. Which one should be checked. I use verbatim dvd+R 8X. I just noticed that setting, never touched it and it has been on DVD-5. TIA

DVD-5 for all single layer blank DVD media.

Shows what the media type is that you are burning to.

From the CloneDVD manual (really, worth a read):
Target Size: Here you can adjust the target size yourself. You can choose between a DVD-5 or Custom settings (100 MB to 9999 MB). The quality bar aside shows you the corresponding compression depending on the title selection as well as the target size and thus the quality of the movie copy. Trough the quality bar you have the direct correlation between title selection, target size and quality. In the next window you’ll find a second quality bar which is more exact and includes the audio and subtitle selection