hi i have just downloaded the latest version of clone xxl v2.0.1.4c but how do i get it to work with clone cd? each time it says no profile of clonecd and parameter or somethin like tat. How do i get the profile or how do i create one with the right parameters?

Also how do i copy AOM with it? it takes ages for me to read the cd.

Please advice :smiley: thanks.

clony is only for finding a protection on a cd. You can get the version with ccd profile support here but i suggest getting the profiles from here as the clony profiles aren’t that good

clony no longer automatically loads the profiles there is a app called “profiler” that will take the last clony reading and pass it to Clone CD. also you can check the clone cd forum which has profiles you can download for the different protections and put them in the clone CD file, that way all you need is to run clony see what the protection is and then use the appropriate profile to burn with clone CD.