Using cdrw with windows 98



I have a windows Xp machine which is convenient for using CDRW. However I have to use my windows 98 machine if the Xp is used by someone else. Using CDRWs on this machine is difficult and if I use INCD software, the the CD cant be read by other computers. I was wondering if there is a patch which would allow windows 98 to burn CDRW the way Xp does



I dont think Microsoft would have a patch as such, seeing as '98 hasnt been supported for quite a while. However maybe you could check with either the maker of your burner or the maker of the INCD software for such a patch.


Thank you for your reply

One superb freeware programme for burning is CDBurnerXPPro3 for pc with windows 98 etc. Just google for this on the web. It is as flexible as the built in burner in XP