Using cdr win

ok here is my BIG problem. I have a Liteon522452 drive. I can easily and quickly back up cd+g discs with this drive…however if i use cdrwin to extract individual tracks then burn them the cdg (graphics) do not show…just rubbish! i have the cd+g disc box checked and and subcode…so why can the drive copy a full disc but cannot rip a few tracks…this is strange…thanks for the help with this one cdfreaks…you lot have helped me b4 and are certainly the knowlegable folk when it comes to software buring problems…thanks

are there any other proggies that can do this…i.e. rip tracks and burn? or is it just the liteon?


oh my settings are like those below:

there are always other programs out there. .one i use alot with buddy company is discjuggler … it does cd +G real well

here is there link

also here are some nice tutorials they put up for you too

there is listed tutorials to CD+G (Karaoke) backup and then CD+G (Karaoke) Compilation

cheers …

hope this helps

If you still want to stay with CDRWin, there is info at karaoke playground. Seems that some burners can rip/burn individual tracks and copy whole discs and have CD+G work properly.
Then there are some burners that can copy whole discs, but cannot burn or extract individual tracks. It has something to do with subcode area on a CD+G track where the graphics are stored. I haven’t seen the thread in awhile, but the forum for CD+G is here:
Click on: " Converting/Burning MP3+G "

Ripping Tutorial:

Also in the FAQ at Goldenhawk is a list of CD+G compatable burners.

Hit the FAQ button.

I don’t think the list is completely accurate, it doesn’t show my Plex 708. or my old Yamaha burner, which both copy whole discs, and rip/burn individual CD+G tracks.

If you post your question at karaoke playground, the “Regulars” there are very helpful and have a “Ton” of information about the CD+G specification.

Hope this helps,

really i appreciate that reply jon…but my missus is a mod at karaoke playground…they cannot crack it either…as you say some burners can copy whole cdg (in raw mode) but cannot extract individual tracks…so reckon i nackered unless i get a plexdrive! think im gonna go for the new 708A that does the lot dvd as well…that will solve the problem…again thanks for your help advice and time its very much appreciated…

aka steev