Using CD-R's as DVD's? Is This Bad?

My problem is I have a Cue and Bin file that I’m trying to convert to stand alone DVD player. I have Alcohol 120% and Nero 6 Ultra Edition. I also have Daemon Tools, VCDGear, TEMPGEnc, SVCD2DVD and MPGTX. So, I think I have enough tools to transfer something.

 Playing or making playable CD's on my comp is no problem viewing with WinDVD 4. I get different types of files after I convert and knowing that double conversion is double bad. I could just settle with CD's that are playable in my laptop, but now i'm determined. So after 3 days of non-stop post searching, I can't seem to find anything definative. Everyone says there's more than one way to skin a cat and I have enough cat pelts to make a comforter.

 Here's what I'm doing. Take the Bin file and run it through Nero to get my folders with the DAT file or I could just use Daemon to "mount" it and Snag the .DAT file. Then I run that through VCDGear(TMPGEnc does the same thing, I believe) to get an MPEG file. Take that because it's too *Big* for a regular CD and cut it in half with MPGTX. Then take each MPEG and run it through SVCD2DVD to make a "front end", then take all these new files... It creates Audio and Video TS folders. The Video has VOB, BUP, IFO, etc., and drop them into nero's "Mini DVD" setting and I get a perfect UDF file.

 None of which(any file type) will play on my (generic)Panasonic or my (picky)Denon DVD players(and my Denon plays mp3's, Kodak Pic Disk and WMA). Since I don't have DVD's or a writer, I assumed CD's could do the same job, just smaller size movies. I use Sony 700mb CD's and writing at 20x to keep my buffer high. My UDF CD's auto start my WinDVD with my "front end" perfectly but I'm missing something. I use the default settings with all the programs.

 If any ideas you have work, I will kiss you on the lips.

We don’t here cadon that kinda last statement here. FYI. But to your bin, cue question I used Nero 6.x to make image to dvd not cd as it will tell you that the destination media is to small and to place approriate blank media in drive. I am guess but I think those other media will give you the same error message that the destination is smaller then the source file and will give you a error message saying it can’t do that. But this is from using Nero 6.x and fireburner software. I have also magiciso, isobuster, poweriso, ultraiso but I mainly use Nero 6.x for part of my burns but I use those other programs to file the source file itself.

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Generally you can burn a .bin file of about 800Mb to a CD.

Standalone players recognise the different media and would expect a CD to contain a VCD or SVCD movie and not recognise a DVD movie format on a CD.

Thankfully there’s no face to face contact here so I won’t have to fear being snogged. :bigsmile:

TimC, Thanks, I think the only two places to post would be here and maybe “AfterDawn” because they have user uploaded help manuals. Btw, I posted there too :smiley: Sorry.

 I tried the VCD and I get the 4 folders that I don't know if my player can sort through and open(like Windows can). Nero says using (S)VCD: I need MPEG-2 codec that I can shell out more money for. So, VCD(Mpeg-1) is the only one left. Can Mpeg-1 be converted to Mpeg-2? and what proggie does it. *OR* Where do I check to make sure my players can even read CD-R?... or more importantly(because I know 1 does for sure), am I missing something with just processing my Cue/Bin's to start with, in the MPEGAV folders after I send them to Nero?

 You got me, I've been at this for 4 days so far... :eek:

Just open the cue file with Nero & burn it to a CD, no need to mess around like you’re doing I’m sure.
In StartSmart that’ll be (select CD), Copy & Backup and Burn image to disc. Then select the cue file.

Well, that’s proven futile. All that does is add folders to a CD with a .DAT file now. My WinDVD won’t even touch that.

 No, I think the little bird screaming at me to get a $50 "dual layer" writer is correct. God, I hate birds...

No but your standalone DVD player should play it.

Nah, tried it two different times now in 2 different machines. Just get the invalid disk error.

No worries though went out and got the Sony DRU 830A so I should be golden. I’m knocking on wood as I say that…

I do have a couple of issues with files though. If an Mpeg file is formatted for PAL, do I need to re-convert it to NTSC? I also tried to convert an .AVI to Mpeg and got a convert time of about 30 hours later using TMPNGEnc plus 2.5… I don’t think I can hang on that long. That was using default settings. I guess AVI’s are full figured… :confused:

Sorry but I’d the same problem some years ago, just before DVD burners came to the consumer market at a reasonable price.
You can burn your video the way you said and you get a “DVD-video” in a CD with limited capacity - this is known as miniDVD (do not mistaken with the 8cm DVD discs) and you can play - as you say - using a PC software player but you will have problems playing it via a home player, as there just a few models/manufacturers that support the format.
At the end, you have the same problem as with VCD or SVCD discs - you need a compatible player. No way to find a turnaround because as TimC indicated the player doesn’t “expect” to find a DVD movie recorded to a CDr and your files will not match the formats it can accept.
By the time I got a cheap chinese player sold here under the label of Denver and you get get comments on the name if you have a look at - don’t find strange if most people don’t refer to miniDVD because this is not an usual format.
Mine - I can’t recall the exact model - plays VCD/SVCD/miniDVD as tested but I don’t know if present models still do or even if you can find the brand or the same makes under different names.

@ Agomes, Thanks, I talked to another guy and he said the same thing. Kinda’ like: if you have two wheels, that doesn’t mean you’re a “bike”. You can put 1 wheel between your feet and hold the other with both hands and roll down a hill, but that doesn’t mean your a bike…

 I was trying to make a DVD from a CD. Nero has the "MiniDVD" feature but it won't be read by my stand alone player. This is what I was missing. You never really know unless someone tells you or through experimentation. It's more useful experimenting, you'll learn better. But, if you have trouble grasping video editing concepts or working with 10 different programs or just new to the biz, it's much more expensive... as you'll be burning through(literally) cans of CD's or DVD's.

 Which is why *I'm* here. Heading myself off before I get a plastic recycling account. Some people that live here(CD Freaks) have seen the same problem over and over again. They get annoyed with answering them constantly. And then you get the "You should search more" or "RTFM" replies. Those don't help anybody. But I can see hair gets pulled looking at all the same questions on the same page.

 If it was me, I would have a notepad doc open with replies that I could cut and paste to newbs. Ones i've given before with really good in-depth soul-searching commentary(I'd be sure to save those). I'd scroll down past "How do I convert PAL to NTSC?" on down to "Can you burn DVD's on CD's?" and cut and paste "No"... or the extended version.

 But the two for one is: redundant searches have the same correct answer as the really helpful one you just gave a newbie. Anyways, i'm off topic. I think i'll just post specs, and see if anyone can see a problem...