Using CD-recordables in Kenwood Car Audio gives troubles



If I use Cd-recordables in my Kenwood CD player the cd doesn’t work 100%. Sometimes it skips or even won’t be read. I use That’s Write 74 min cd’s… Must i change the burning mode or must I use specific cd’s?.. Please help!.




I also have a kenwood carstereo with a 10disc player
At this moment 9 of them are copies and they work perfect, I always use That’s write 80min. cd’s and I burn them with nero.
I even burned one up to 82min24sec withoud any problems, maybe you could try the 80min cd’s from that’s write??


I used to have an HP8100i cd writer.
I had constantly trouble with copied cd’s in car stereo’s. Tried al possible recording speeds, various programs, different brands of cd’s… etc. The problem lied with the recorder. Al HP8100i’s have this problem. The interior is from Sony… so they’ll have the same problems aswell.

Now I have a Plextor PXW8220e. No problems at all )


try a lower burning speed. And if that doesn’t work, try to see if you can get mitsui cd’s.
I have those now, they are a bit silver like on the back (mitsui is the only brand who had that back…they made it themselves) and they work really perfect in ‘problem’ readers.


Maybe it’s the brand of cdr you’re using…

If you’re using cheap ass cds the chance is pretty big they won’t work in older/car-cdstereo.

I could strongly advice you NOT to use labels on your cdrz which you’re gonna play in your car-stereo, if you don’t wanna screw it up…

I advice you to use Philips Silver Premium cds, as I recently had the same problem, and i fixed it by using these cd’s…



I burned a CD with Adaptec 4.0 at 1 speed (i 've got a Yamaha 8 X 4 X 24). And i used the CD that was sended with the burner. I used an Yamaha CD. It works perfect!.

I didn’t try any other brands…


it is most likely the media type. car stereos are very picky about that, so try n use a highly-reflective disc brand, like mitsui or memorex. also, use nero and try again. never use CD-RW discs for audio CD players, because they usually won’t work.

i hate ezcd creator, and BTW - it doesn’t matter what speed you write at, it’s all the same data. if a drive is made to write at 8x, then it will write at 8x just as good as it will at 1x.