Using C/C++, write something on a CD-sector, and marking as Bad sector. Possible?


I am working on a crucial application (eg, APP.EXE) and this I will distribute to my client(s). But it is possible that he may generate duplicate CD’s and sale-out.

I am trying for a programming-based solution in C/C++, so that I can write some information (may be a KEY) on a specific Sector of that CD. Then copying APP.EXE on CD and then marking that particular sector BAD (Somehow). This Bad sector will be searched by APP.EXE during execution at client system and verify the same key there.

I think on making duplicate copies of that CD, the information will not be copied.

But my first task is to “Write data on a sector of CD and mark it as bad”

Looking for any guy who can help me in this.

Take care.



Hello every body,

Can anyone send me a small code sample so that I can store a small peice of data on a sectore of CD-ROM.

Any help is appreciated.

Sharad Kapil Sharma

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