Using Burrrn with sound clips

I just switched to Burrrn from Nero for its simple design and support of many useful file types. However I like to add in sound clips from movies and shows to my mixes and with Nero this isn’t really a big deal as long as the clip is 2 seconds or longer. In burn I got every song I wanted to play to show up just fine but when I tried to add a few sound clips they wouldn’t show up at all. I think the smallest one was 150kb. It recognized one that was 320kb so I don’t really understand what is going on.

To rip audio from movies I use VirtualDubMod which rips all the audio into a .wav file which I can open up in Nero wav editor to cut out the clips I want. Is there another wav editor that is easy to use so I can get away from Nero all together? Also is there something out there better than VirtualDubMod?

Give Imgburn a shot…it burns audio now.