Using both dvdshrink and dvd2one

Hello all:

Somewhere in this great world of transcoding, I have read that somefolks will use dvdshrink to rip and edit, and sometimes compressing (or not) the movie to say 5 Giga, and then use dvd2one to compress it to either 4.4 Gigs, or to 2.15 Gigs, if 2 movies are to be backed up in one disc.
Now the question:
I have tried to use this method, but am finding that dvd2one does not like the data coming from dvdshrink. Is it just me or in fact this is not possible to do…


Are you using version 1.xx of DVD Shrink? Those versions wouldn’t work with DVD2One. It would produce an encrypted file error. When 2.0 of DVD Shrink came out it worked properly and there was no error. I haven’t tried it again since and Shrink is up to version 2.3 now. Also, supposedly with DVD2One 1.20 it is more lenient with encrypted file errors.
As for quality it appeared to me that nothing was gained with the process. Both DVD Shrink and DVD2One produced quality copies on their own so there was no need to combine their use. I still give DVD2One the edge though.


Thank you for your response Gripweed. I believe that I used older versions of dvdshrink and the previous version of d21. I will try this again and let you know. Part of my thinking is that it is easy to edit chapters and/or clips with dvdshrink, at least easier for me, then use dvd2one for the compression if I am to use tmpegenc dvd author to back up 2 movies into 1 disc.

Thanks again