Using Booktype DVD-ROM with the 5005

If I set the booktype of a DVD+R to DVD-ROM and put the disc into the 5005 it preps and the booktype change is gone then it can’t be set as the disc is not now empty. Reason for trying is one of my DVD players can not play +Rs unless the booktype is DVD-ROM so I now must record then copy with Nero, to many steps.
Any one step option as the best I have right now is to record on a DVD+RW then copy to a DVD+R (booktype DVD-ROM) or DVD-R

@CCRomeo - I set the booktype of +R media to DVD-ROM in my 1693s that I have in my PC and it plays fine in my 5005 with the 098 firmware, in which as you know I replaced the ddw-451s drive with my LiteOn 832S drive.

playing on my 5005 is not the problem. the problem is if I set a blank +R to DVD-ROM then insert it into the 5005 it preps then the DVD-ROM setting is lost and as it has been preped the booktype can’t be changed the recording made will not play on my oldest DVD-Player, works fine on all the other players.

How are you setting the blanks booktype to DVD-ROM before you put it in the 5005?

using Liteon Booktype 135

it looks like you have a 1693 in your 5005 if so you may have to hook it to a PC use the latest Liteon booktype utilty and set the booktype,
the 1693 saves the booktype to eprom.
hope this workes for you.

I read in another post by you someone was looking for firmware for a
0104-1840-0090-g2b9 I have 2 firmwares for this, the LNHA1098.ESU and the LNHA1098.ES5. if you would like them PM me and I will try to get them to you

OK, quick question…

IF a DVD+R’s booktype is set to DVD-ROM BEFORE being put in the 5005, won’t the 5005 read the disc as a ROM and therefor unrecordable?

When I set the booktype on a +R or +RW it is part of the recording process of that disc at that time on that recorder (BENQ 1640).

To me, it sounds counter intuitive to bookset a disc on one machine and then try to record that disc on another when the whole point of booktype setting is to have other machines read that disc as a ROM “Read Only Memory”.

Please feel free to correct any misunderstandings I may have here. I come to CD Freaks to learn.

I must not understand what setting the booktype does, I thought it wrote something to the the blank disc prior to recording to it, when inserted into the 5005 the disc preps as if blank and the booktype setting returnes to normal. I don’t think removing the 1693s drive and using my computer is a solution, unless I can set it to DVD-ROM once, but what about the prep? Would there be any + or - to setting all +Rs to record as DVD-ROMs?

Booktype has to be done by the drive that is in the recorder, it is done during
the recording process, the 1673 and 1693 drives stores (bitsetting or booktype) in its eeprom, the Liteon stock and older Liteon PC drives you can use omnipatcher on the firmware to get the autobitsetting.
here is a c&p from the liteon drives fourm in the F.A.C. post that may help

Q: [DVD-Writers] How do I use bitsetting (change the booktype) with LiteOn drives?
A: With a few exceptions (e.g., the SOHW-802S and the SOHW-822S), bitsetting on LiteOn drives and rebadged LiteOn drives work like this:

There is a setting stored in the drive’s memory that tells the drive what booktype to use whenever it burns a disc.

By default, this setting is set to “Normal” (i.e., keep +R discs as +R and +RW discs as +RW).

The official LiteOn BookType Utility can be used to change this setting. Because all burns will be burned using the current setting, once you change the setting, all subsequent burns will be burned using the new setting without the need to take any further action.

On the screen of this tool, “Current Disc Type” represents the physical disc type of the inserted disc. “Current Disc Booktype” represents the current booktype written on the disc, or if the disc is not written, it will display the current physical disc type. Hint: You can use this to check the booktype of a burned disc. “Change booktype to” is a bit misleading, and it represents the current booktype setting of the drive. Selecting a different setting from the drop-down and clicking “Change” is what changes the current drive setting. Remember, as mentioned above, the current drive setting simply represents what booktype will be used the next time a disc is burned. The “Write Now” button is only for DVD+RW media and is explained in a later bullet.

There is, however, one important caveat. For a number of the older drives/firmwares, this setting is stored in volatile memory and is lost whenever the drive is reset (system reboot, firmware flash, etc.). Thus, when the drive is reset, the booktype setting will revert to the default setting (i.e., “Normal”).

For people who want all of their discs to be booktyped, this causes a problem because they will need to remember to change the setting every time the drive resets.

OmniPatcher’s auto-bitsetting patch changes this default setting from “Normal” to “DVD-ROM” so that when a drive is reset, the setting will revert to “DVD-ROM” instead of to “Normal.” Since auto-bitsetting only changes the default setting that the drive reverts to after a reset, it is still possible to use the LiteOn BookType Utility to change the settings around on a drive with a patched auto-bitsetting firmware.

For the newer firmwares (CS07 or newer, BS0R or newer, and BS41 or newer, to name just a few) that use non-volatile memory (i.e., the EEPROM) to store the setting, the booktype setting is not lost after a reset, and as such, it does not make any sense to have a patch that changes the default revert-to-after-reset setting, and the auto-bitsetting patch is thus not available for these newer firmwares. For these newer firmwares, just set the booktype once using the official utility and forget about it, even after reboots.

Because changing the booktype involves writing data to a disc, it is not possible to change the booktype of a recordable disc after it has been burned. For rewritable media, however, it is possible to change the booktype of burned media by using the LiteOn BookType Utility’s “Write Now” button, if your firmware is new enough to support this feature.


does the eprom reset after every recording?

mine dont on the 1693 that is in my PC

to use the Liteon Booktype 135 there will have to be a blank +R disk in the drive and a check mark on the save setting box then click on Change

I used the Liteon utility to change the booktype on the DDW-451S in my 5007 and it works on that drive ok. I did have to connect the drive up to a PC to do it.

my test to see if changing the booktype works is very simple; I have an old APEX AD 1010w player that will not play DVD+Rs unless bookmaked as DVD-ROM

@CCRomeo - as mentioned the change to DVD-ROM invloves writitng to the + media. The LiteOn booktype135.exe utility will do it on the 1693s in the 5005 if saved. Omnipatcher also.

Thats why I asked how you were changing it and misunderstood about it playing.

I enabled the + to DVD-ROM on my 1693S using the booktype utility and all + Media comes out set to DVD-ROM after every burn.

if I all the info correct, I take my 2nd 1693 after setting bookmark to DVD-ROM put it into my 5005, all should be fine and the recordings should be DVD-ROM and play in my older player

That should do it. Test it out in the pc and make sure the setting was saved.

If it was saved you won’t have to run booktype135.exe no more or the same if you modded the fw with Omnipatcher enabling it in the fw.

Thanks for all the help :smiley:

Once that booktype135 is set on my liteon burner my older 8x i/o magic drive will not see the disk. Why is that? But if i put it in the lite-on it reads it fine.
IT does play in my dvd player. But I can’t back it up again unless i use the same drive?