Using Blu-ray media for non-Blu-ray stuff

I use a slide show product to organize and share my photos taken throughout the year and was wondering if I could write it to a Blu-ray disc even though the files are not formatted for Blu-ray to take advantage of the higher storage capacity available on the media.

Has anyone ever tried this or know if it’s possible?

Of course it’s possible. We don’t know what program you are using now but have you checked the documentation to see if it’s supports blu-ray? I believe even Nero can do this (I’m not a fan). is a freeware app you can use.

The product is ProShow Producer and does support Blu-ray but none of the files I’m using i.e.the slideshow, photos, etc. are Blu-ray so I wasn’t sure it could be done.

What is the resolution of your photos? All you will be doing is creating a blu-ray folder and then burning it to disk. The image quality could be lousy or not.
Use a rewritable disk if you have one to experiment.

Blu ray players are required to support mpeg2 video codec, which is what is used in dvd-video. Most slideshow programs I’ve seen lately output as dvd-video, so this should work ok from blu ray media.

Where do you intend to play them back? You’ll need either a stand alone blu ray player, or a blu ray drive in a computer.