Using BitDefender with Free Dowmload Manager

Hi all

I recently purchased & installed BitDefender 2009 (jury is still out as to whether or not I like it!!! :doh: - still having quite a few problems with it).

I use Free Download Manager (FDM) for downloading from Rapidshare cos it’s a nice, simple manager. I used to have AVG for antivirus and it was set up in the FDM settings to do a virus scan of everything I downloaded. But with BitDefender, I can’t work out how to link it to FDM through the settings as there are so many things in the BitDefender file. Here’s a screen dump of what I mean


If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated :flower:


Sorry…worked it out!!! :confused::o


Would you please be able to post what you did to make it work. I was having the same problem as you, but unlike you havn’t worked it out yet :stuck_out_tongue: