Using BenQ DW822A with an external case

I’ using a BenQ DW822A in an USB external case. The bios on the burner was upgraded, computer sys is running win 2000 with service pack 4. I could only sucessfully burn a disk 10% of the time. both + or -. I have tried both Roxio nero and Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3 Disc Creator. Burn will start and freeze at either 25 to 45%. At this point I have to power cycle the external drive. Does anyone have any solutions???


Did this problem just start after you flash? If so, you may have to flash back.

before and after upgrading the bios

So what you are saying is that your DW822A has never worked correctly in that external case? If so you may have to get a different case. I think someone posted about one version of the firmware working with the external case and others that don’t, but I don’t recall what version that was. You might also try and update the firmware to your external case. What kind of external enclosure do you have, what brand?

ehm, might have been me you are refering to :wink:

The thread is here:

and to sum it up: yes, 822A+ does work in an external enclosure (Oxford911/Genesys). I even flashed the drive inside its enclosure up to the latest firmware. However, it seems to be highly enclosure dependent.

See if your drive works if it is directly attached, if not, return it.