Using "Audio" CD-R's for PC game back ups?

I was at Best Buy today, and the only MIJ CD-R’s that I could find were Sony music discs. They turned out to be 700MB 32X Taiyo Yuden discs, luckily. Will these be suitable for PC game back ups despite the audio lead-in data?

i have a lot of video/game backups on these and it hasnt caused any problems.

audio cd-r’s are made to be compatible in standalone cd recorders; afaik if you are using a computer burner your lead-in will not be audio unless you’re burning an audio cd.

They will be fine.

The same apart from they have a code on them so they work in a Hi-Fi thats had a audio writer, this is only to pay the Royalty (rip off), so thye cost more than equiv data media.

I knew that they paid royalties, and I thought that they paid those royalties for the right to use some special audio lead-in data that some CD players require. Naturally, I thought this might interfere with data use. As much as I hate unfair royalties, they were the only MIJ discs available. Despite my hatred for the RIAA, I got the 30ct. cake box for only $8. :cool: The royalties must not be too heavy.

as long as your burner writes the proper audio lead-in any decent quality cd-r should work in any cd player because it will recognize it as a CD-DA. my 1991 AIWA cd changer and 1989 toyota deck play burned cd’s even though they were manufactured before the invention of the cd-r.

I had a 1982 Pioneer audio player (I just gave it away in March, actually) and it played burned CD-Rs just fine too.

The CD wasn’t brought into the US (let alone Canada) until 1983. It was only brought to Japan and few (rare) other countries in 1982. How was it you had a 1982 model?