Using Anydvd



I downloaded the trail version of Anydvd. I was wondering if I could change the copyright on a movie that was downloaded onto a computer from movielink? Thanks


isn’t movielink a rental service?

anydvd removes protection from DVDs that you own, not from downloads.

and copying rentals isn’t legal anyway if i understand movielink correctly.


You can buy movies also from movielink.


ahh i wasn’t aware of that.

either way, anydvd is for removing protection from dvds…





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There is a world of difference between CHANGING the CopyRight of a movie (which I doubt the Motion Picture Studio would allow) and REMOVING the Copy Protection Scheme of a Commercial Movie Title.

Exactly what are you attempting to do?

I believe it would be prudent for you to visit the MovieLink Web Site ( and actually read what is clearly posted there. In particular the below quoted excerpt from the referenced MovieLink Web Site.

You may copy a purchased movie in its original Windows Media Player format to a CD or DVD for backup storage or to play on another PC (if allowed by the terms of that content provider). However, at this time you can not burn movies to play in a conventional DVD player.”

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