Using AnyDVD with DVD Shrink or DVD Decrypter

Hey all,

This is my first post, and I’m a very fresh newbie!

I downloaded AnyDVD…I know that it has to be used along with DVD Shrink or DVD Decrypter to decrypt a movie. How to I do that? I can’t find it anywhere, on any post or tutorial and it’s making me angry :a

I would really appreciate some tips…please! Thanks!


[b]See THIS post.[/b] to see how to setup AnyDVD to work in conjunction with DVD Decrypter.

Also check out DVDFABDECYPTER with Shrink! Great duo!

If you have already downloaded AnyDVD you do not need to use anything else to decrypt the movie. It will do all it’s magic on the fly. That means something like Shrink or CloneDVD2 will work away quite happily. You can even just copy and paste the whole movie onto your hardrive and AnyDVD will remove all the protection automatically!

DVD Dcrypter still is useful for finding bad files and removing prohibited user functions. Also, some of us have used it for so long we forget how to rip any other way. It also is very useful for monitoring the rip speed which can inform about problems.

While I too still use DVD Decrypter, please note that AnyDVD will remove all the PUO’s as well. :slight_smile:

Original poster:

You just run AnyDVD in the background, then you use your other programs however you’d like. There are, however, some provisos:

DVD Decrypter: You’ll want to go into the settings, and set the I/O mode to “ElbyCDIO”. Also you’ll want to turn OFF the “remove structure protection” checkbox. Otherwise it will run as usual.

DVD Shrink: 90% of the time, it will just see a DVD as unprotected once AnyDVD is running. However, SOMETIMES there are problems. In those cases it is best to rip the DVD first. With AnyDVD that’s as simple as dragging and dropping the VIDEO_TS folder on the DVD onto your desktop, and then opening it up from there in DVD Shrink. That’s it!

Thanks. I kind of thought it would but I never checked it out. AnyDVD rules.

Thank you all, I’m learning a lot~ :slight_smile:

dvd shrink and dvd decrypter still work, either together or 1 or the other stand alone any rip i’ve had to date. (granted, not a hard core…only ripped 30-40 dvd’s). FabDVD Decrypter gets alot of props here as the new dvddecrypter, have yet to try it, but here again and again…it’s worth the install and free…:slight_smile:

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DITTO! Waht do you have to lose if it is free!

/me chuckles and thinks ETP owns stock in fabdvd decrypter…lol

Wish I did! but I bet it is hard to make a buck when you give stuff away! LOL