Using Anydvd w/ Promise




i am trying to get to run Anydvd the first time. But after having installed Anydvd the computer f*cks up. I activated “save mode” as suggested in the forum. But when using the dvd the computer freezes.

Has anybody used Anydvd w/ the prmise controller successfully?

After deinstalling Anydvd, I can’t use the drives anymore, it freezes immediately.

Can anyOne Help me?

Greets Diak

ps: could this be part of my problem?
anydvd-faq: "Note: AnyDVD has a problem with Matshita (Panasonic) xx-8xxx series drives, but so does a lot of the Decoding software out there. "

Anydvd: Actual
Windows: xp sp1
Drives: Matsushita sr 8585, Liteon 48125W
Nerves: broken
Board: a7v133 w/ promise controller as secundary ide


Sorry about the late reply. In general and mostly, optical devices don’t like Promise controllers


It is beleived that Matsushita has compatibility problems with AnyDVD. I did not experience any problems. It works fine. Burnt about 20 DVDs.



Originally posted by diak

Has anybody used Anydvd w/ the prmise controller successfully?

Yes. No problems whatsoever.


Don’t forget AnyDVD SafeMode. It usually fix all kinds of compatibility issues.


I use AnyDVD just to kill the regions before using DVD Decrypter primarily. It works fine. I have a promsie controller installed in the system, however, I only have my hard drives on that. Computer locks up if the optical drives are on it as well and you go to access the optical drives so they are on the primary mainboard IDE controller. I’d try that and see if it works - if you’re using the optical drives on the promise controller try swapping to the motherboard. :slight_smile: