Using Alcoholer, ClonyXXL and Alcohol 120% to backup Leisure Suit Larry

I have had some trouble trying to backup my Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude game. I have tried Nero (latest build) with no success. I have recently bought a copy of Alcohol 120% and still can’t get a working backup. These are the steps that I have followed…

  1. Ran ClonyXXL v2.0.1.5
    Result = SecuROM new
  2. Ran Alcoholer Multiprofiler v 4.1 with results form ClonyXXL
    Result = Read Settings: Skip Reading Errors
    Read Sub Channel Data from current disc
    Read Speed: x12
    Write Settings: RAW DAO
  3. Ran Alcohol 120% with settings displayed in Alcoholer
    Result = Copy of Leisure Suit Larry Disk 1

When I run the program, it says: “Unable to authenticate original disc within
time limit”

Someone please help

would A-Ray Scanner be better ?

Both ClonyXXL and Alcoholer are out of date.

If you use A-Ray Scanner to identify the copy protection you’ll find that the protection used is securom 5.x (not securom new).

Using alcohol, you can make a copy that will work with RMPS emulation by using Securom New 4.x/5.x datatype settings.

You can also make a (twinpeak) copy that will work from most drives without any form of emulation with alcohol and A-Ray scanner by following this tutorial.

Thanks for the replies…

I will try using A-Ray with TwinPeak. Why the hell won’t Nero make a good backup? And what does TwinPeak do to alter the image file?

I just followed the instructions using Alcohol120% to create an image file then use A-Ray’s TwinCreator to patch the file and then use Alcohol120% again to burn the patched image file. The game backup runs on my spare DVD drive but does not run on the CDRW drive that the disc was created on. Is this normal? Or do I always have to play the game using another drive other than the one which the backup was created from?

If you want to run the game from a writer you’ll probably have to enable Ignore media type in alcohol’s emulation options (unnecessary if you run the game from an ordinary cd/dvd rom).

Alcohol’s emulation settings are already set to that and the same error comes up.

Does this mean that I need to have Alcohol 120% installed to run this game from now on??

PHILAMBER i read and used your tutorial on secure rom it works. first time i ever made a back up. doesnt work with sd 3.15 can you help, thanks.

For safedisc, see this tutorial but whether or not you’re successful will depend upon the capabilities of your hardware.

What readers/writers do you have?