Using Alcohol to play a cloned game

I recently got a copy of The Sims 2, which is 2.68GB and took quite a while to download since it was P2P at an average of 150KBPS.

Since this was such a hefty download, I was completely shocked when I was overwhelmed by not being able to understand how to install or play the game. I posted this in the newbie forum because I am just that. I may get flamed, I may get insulted, but I care not. I’m just trying to figure out how to play my game. ^_^;

I’m pretty sure it was compressed into a .rar file or equivalent, and inside the file was a crap-load of other .rar files. Do I have to unzip each file?

I have copies of Alcohol 120% and Daemon Tools if that matters, but if anyone can help me out with how to get going, I’d greatly appreciate it.

You wont get much help from this forum if your getting up to things shall we say are not 100% legal! :cop:

It may be .1% legal from the experimental aspect, eh? >_<

I need help, regardless.

If you downloaded it from a p2p network then it is illegal and it is against the rules to discuss it here. If however you actually own the disk, a friend backed it up for you, and you steped on the disk and broke it, and now you are not sure how to use the backup files on your hard drive because your friend moved and you cannot contact him, then you could discuss it and ask for help because you actually own the software. Get it?

A course in ethics and displays of respect is what you need.

Illegal thread and thus closed!