Using Alcahol %120 to backup Madden 2006


I am new to the forum, and wanted to know the best way to use Alcahol to backup Madden 2006, after it completed the .ccd format file I selected to load the image and emulate bad sector emulations, It acts like it wants to load and then gets a BSOD, I am a software engineer for a security company, so I can debug the dump, but I don’t think that really matters, Just wanted to see if anyone has used alcahol to backup Madden 2006 NFL and successfully loaded the image. My Burner is a 16x Sony DRU -800A, I have a new HP pavalion nv6000 model that comes with a DVD burner as well, I have not tried that as of yet, nor have I tried my other PC that has a SONY CD-RW 52x. What would be the best way to go with this so I am not spending too much time trying to get an image loaded.

Reason behind this is I actually would like to play this on my laptop without having to load up the cd everytime I play, and I could not find a no-cd fix for Madden 2006, I have my favorite game Command and Conqueur Zero Hour with a no-cd and it works great, but can’t find anything like that for Madden

Let me know if you have any suggestions.


Hello and welcome to the forum.

A couple of things.

First and foremost, we don’t discuss fixed exes/no-cd cracks on this forum. See the forum rules.

Next, why have you made the image in CloneCD format rather than alcohol’s native mds/mdf format?

Try making the image again in alcohol’s native format and then install the game from the mounted image. Unless you edit your registry after installing from a physical drive this will be necessary as many safedisc protected games, including virtually all EZ Sports games are hotwired to run only from their installation drive.

Do not enable bad sector emulation when mounting the image file. If the image is good, it will not be required to play from a mounted image.

Finally, I don’t know what precise version of safedisc is used on this game. Checjk with A-Ray scanner to find out. If it is a recent version, e.g. v. 4.6, you’ll will need a third party utility such as SD4 hide to overcome blacklisting problems so that you can play the game from a mounted image.