Using a USB Pendrive on an XBox to transfer game saves



Has anyone ever done this? If so, what method did you use?

Thanks in advance


Yes I have, backup everything on your pendrive before you do it because the xbox will automatically format it to FATX. Xbox controllers are standard usb wiring with a propriety connector. Then you need to splice onto it a female usb connector. The ones that come with motherboards that plug directly into the motherboard via 8 wires work great.

You only need to take one of the connectors and separate it and its wires. Then take apart your controller. And add the wires to appropriate connectors. You can follow the guide here


My XBox isn’t modded, and I’m slightly reluctant to do this. Would one of these connections work:


I’m not sure it would work, because the ms dashboard might not recognize the pen drive by itself. You see an xbox controller is a hub in and of itself. Without recognizing the controller, it might not see the pen drive. When I did it I used the method I have you and it only took me about 30 minutes. But then after a while, I never used it so I removed it. But your xbox doesn’t have to be modded to use the controller method.
I think it might have to be modded to recognize a pen drive by itself. I really don’t know.


Thanks, I’ll try and get a Joytech controller as suggested in the article, but should I just try and pick up an old mobo from a computer fair for the USB ports or it it a better idea to buy a USB controller card?


Well really the article was just to show you which wires to use. Getting a controller card would be a waste of money since you would be destroying it. What I really meant was finding one of these, and just getting the female port off of it. That’s how I did it.


Hmm, I may have had one of those on a failed mobo, I’ll have a look. Failing that, Maplins do alot of little parts for projects, so I’ll check there for female USB ports.