Using a TV card with a video capture card?

Do people use a TV card with a video capture card bearing mind that you probably already have a graphics card too?

I have a Matrox RTX.100 and thinking of getting the Hauppauge HVR-4000 too to record some old programmes I used to watch, which are not released on DVD or VHS.

As long as I have enough PCI slots from the motherboard I should be okay shouldn’t I? Do I need any antennas for the computer or something too? I’m completely new to this.

I’m getting fed up with tons of VHSs clogging up space in my room and as videotapes are big and have poor picture quality, I am starting to convert everything to movie clips on the computer, whether from VHS or from TV.

I did think of other video capture devices such as the Avid Mojo (standard and SDI), the Caopus Edius as well as a few others.

From everything I have read about the Matrox rtx100 cards, they are pretty finicky. Adding something to another slot may work, or it may upset the cart. That is a pretty high power card you have, and you are talking about more professional level stuff. Are you doing professional level work? Or, do you just have too much money? LOL

Tell me more about your system specs, why you chose the rtx100, and what software you are using.

System specs:

Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music 7.1 sound card
Intel Core Quadro QX6700 10.667GHz
nVidia 8800 GTX GeForce graphics card
Windows XP SP2
525W PSU fan

I chose RTX100 for real-time encoding etc.

If you just want a TV card to capture television broadcasts, and record them to your Hard drive, why not look into one of the usb capture devices.

And looking at your system specs., if you want to be serious about capture and video editing, all video editing hardware and /softwares recommend two seperate HD’s. One for software, and one for storage. Since you already have a 500gb HD, you should look into getting a raptor HD for your primary drive.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Though it’s 2 x 250GB anyway. Am thinking of an upgrade as I go along as I have other things to do.

You can find quite a bit of information about the card you are using, and video machine setup, and Very good site for professional and semi-professional video folks.

Yeah I’ve briefly went over there. Will go in more depth later on. Since I’ve got to get my PC back from needing a fix.

I have a lot of VHSs to capture along with a load of batch converting on one of my HDDs (external). And then I hope to capture some satellite TV footage. I’m usually away at work a lot so I’m not around to watch my programmes I used to. Plus they’re mainly educational etc like consumer programmes which are handy for research like Panorama, Inside Out and Newsnight. And I despise VHSs for the amount of space they have taken up in my room - I have tons!