Using a Second-hand PS3? Beware!



Next time someone gifts you a PS3, make sure it’s brand new. If not, you could find yourself in trouble like Dustin Waller, whose fiance gifted him a PS3 which turned out to be stolen. You’d think there’s nothing exciting about a stolen PS3, but read on.

Waller powered on the device after connecting it and logged in to the PSN (Playstation Network) network - with the previous user’s ID - as he had set it to auto login. Soon, the police landed up at Waller’s door and confiscated his gift. Apparently, they had tracked Waller down using the IP address when he logged in using the PS3.
To make Waller’s ‘gift’ even worse, the store from where the PS3 was purchased did not refund the money paid, instead they gave him a replacement. Sounds like a good break? Not really. They saddled him with an XBOX 360 that he did not want, and sent him packing.


So … what penalty has the shop paid for buying & selling stolen goods?
If he has a receipt, the shop should be fined at the least & his money refunded.

Maybe he should sue the shop for the extra lines added to his criminal record.