Using a Mac G4 avi to DVD questions

my first posting…Here are the basics. I Download some movies, TV programs and concerts from the net in the avi format (other formats as well). They can all be viewed on my Mac G4 OSX Tiger using VLC Player, QT, WMP etc. O.K.
Video_TS formats will burn to a DVD-R/RW DVD and are playable on a home DVD player.
I have two home DVD players. One is a Pioneer HDD/DVD…of course the One Copy protection and when recorded from the HDD to DVD the DVD I must delete to from the HDD to copy to the DVD. This DVD can be played on other HDD/DVD players, but not on regular home DVD players or computer.
I also have a Canopus MultiR Player which plays avi, mov.,Divx, WMP, CD’s (mp3’s etc.) It can play about 85% of the DVD’s that I have on my Mac HD.
(I use Toast 8 to copy it to DVD-R/RW). But, why don’t all the avi files play on the Canopus? Why most but not all?
Yet, they play on my Mac G4. Does anyone have any ideas? thanks

What brand of media are you using? That can make a difference.

Here’s your first problem: other people’s encodings.

Because “.avi” is a file container than can house MPEG1, MPEG2, and any number of different MPEG4, video standards. You need to do a bit more basic research about the various encoding (and thus playback) options, particularly within the MPEG4 standard to see why they will play on VLC but maybe not on other hardware-based players.