Using a mac, firmware for windows only LG4167

I just received an LG4167, DL DVD+R. I’m new to DVD burning. Very new. I have had some issues with reading the DVDs I’ve burnt, my Mac takes too long to display the contents.

It came with firmware DL10, from researching on here I’ve read that this has been improved with DL11. My issue that the firmware upgrades are windows-only .exe’s.

Can I just connect the burner to a friend’s Windows PC and upgrade the firmware then switch it back to my Mac and verything is hunky-dory?

Much appreciated!

:iagree: hunky-dory!

thanks for the simple and quick reply :wink: it’s easy to get in over one’s head on this site.

Anyone know if I can use VPC with XP on it to install the firmware?

If so, the firmware update instructions indicate I need to make sure it is in master mode to safely update the firmware (or it can be permanently damaged). Is it that risky? I am connected via a USB 2 cable.


You should avoid such software emulations like VPC, they are a big risk for flashing…