Using a laptop screen on PC

What I’m trying to do is connect a laptop screen to a PC. You all may be asking why I would want to do this. Well, my friend says he can get laptop screens cheap (about $15). I didn’t even know you can get the screen without the laptop. But he says you can and hes pretty good with computers so I believe him. But we can’t find anyway to use the laptop screen with the PC. Any ideas? Thx.

I’ve got only 1 idea about this: forget about it!

Too bad, but it probably cannot work. A laptop screen is most times controlled by some hardware on the mainboard of the laptop (I’m not talking about the VGA card, but hardware that usually is situated inside a monitor), that is connected to the screen with some kind of flat cable.

As you can’t extract that hardware from the laptop’s mainboard, and you’ll probably find no schematic how to connect the screen, I think you’ll never succeed. I read about this quite some times on the net… AFAIK, nobody ever succeeded.

Better save your money and buy a real TFT screen…

It can be done with some laptop screens but that require that you buy a controller for the screen and that is expensive. So as Dee-ehn said

Better save your money and buy a real TFT screen…