Using a Game Enhancer, PSX Cracker etc



I know that you can use these things to play copied and imported games, but I've heard that you will have to change the cd at a certain moment, can anyone tell me precisely how this works, and if this dificult to achieve?



You startup with the gameshark cd (.BIN can be found at and you get a menu. Now you need te set the memory offset + value (Ever used GameWiz or memory doctor?)
when done you goto start game and remove the gameshark CD from your PSX and instert the real gameCD and press a button and it bootsup

I only can burn v1.0 Anyone had any luck with v2.0 ?

NOTE: v1.0 doesn’t work with (most) new games and sometimes the movies from the game (Coolboarders 3) get f*cked so if anyone can get v2.0 to work please write! ThanX!


Ok, all you do is plug the thing into the back of the PSX at the i/o port, then put a game with a lot of diff files such at Twisted Metal 4 in, press the power button, wait the for game to stop spinning on its own, the switch it with the copy and press start on the menu. Its that simple.

Now The NetMech, would you please tell me what the hell your talking about??? I’ve never heard of any of that stuff for using a Game Enhancer.


Its a EMULATOR so you DON’T need to BUY a plugin for the i/o port. Just download and burn the image and DONE! (For v1.0) I’ve burned 3 CD to death with v2.0 Any suggestions?


3 things…

(1)How about you explain this magical .bin file thats suppose to be able to make the PSX play copied games. I downloaded the zip, burned it and loaded up my PSX, all that happend was it said “please insert playstation game”

(2)Really sounds like a good thing to use, too bad i prefer playing NEW games compared to older ones, and since you said it won’t play most new games, its kinda pointless, don’t you think?

(3)How cheap are you anyways??? you can’t afford to buy a $5 mod-chip, or a $11.50 game enhancer???


for so far I can’t find a “game enhancer” so if you can’t get it you CAN’T buy it. And i checked the megagames site and they removed v2.0 and the CD is able to run ARG!!! what am I talking here OK! you win! happy now!!!
(V1.0 works with my psx!)