Using a flashdrive with the 2010 Quickbooks installed?

Do you know how many user licenses come with the 2010 Quick books?

My friend wants to know if he could copy his Quick books on a 8Gb flash drive, and switch between three computers…His laptop with WIN7, and two desktops with WinXP. All have quick books on each one.

Would you know if he would have to purchase additional user licenses for each computer?

If so, how do you go about copying the program onto the flash drive? Do you go to program files,and copy the entire folder of Quick books onto the drive? All his program, jobs, materials,etc., will all be there to go from one puter to the next using the flash drive??

Should anything be set to accountants view?

Thank you! :iagree:

Depends on the license model he used.

If these three computers have a network connection i would recommend using a shared folder, saves you from running around with a memory stick. You could also use a Dropbox folder, but Drobox isn’t extremely well protected for business use.