Using a CD-RW as an extra harddisk?



Which is the easiest way to use a CD-RW as an extra harddisk? I would like it to be just as easy, as when you copy from one harddisk to another. And erasing should just as easy. Like when I’m using Explorer for those activities.


This can be done with DirectCD from Adaptec I believe.



Thanks, I’ll give it a try.


One more word: SLOW


I’ve tried looking for DirectCD. On I only see updates. But I’ll keep looking.


DirectCD, or any other packet writer


you can get the full version on recording underground’s site. but they might not have it right now because they are on “lite” version until they fix the server.


Get PacketCD from CeQuadrat, it also does the job…



OK, I’ll try PacketCD. I could only find DirectCD in upgrade versions.


this isn’t a very practical usage of your cdrw drive, even though I KNOW they were made to do this, you still get lots of errors and discs that can’t be read by anyone else without a UDF reader program installed.

plus, NEVER use this method for backups - there is a great chance of losing your data…as i have already found out from experience

for important data backup, always use something like nero and only use cd-r discs if it’s important!


Is there a greater “chance” (risk) of loosing one’s data when burning on a CD-RW instead of a CD-R?

Currently I’m using WinOnCD3.7PE for backing up data. Will look into Nero, to see what it offers.


Hi Dazzler: 'cause your PSX-posts have been closed for replies (for whatever reason) I post some info on cloneCD & PSX copying here:

cloneCD is clearly among THE best programs to ‘simply’ copy CDs 1, if not the best (though REAL 1 copy is neither possible nor necessary…) thus, it is also highly recommended for copying PSX original CDs. but there are other programs which will also do the trick, especially CDRWIN for some games/copy schemes - more later.

BUT: you will still need a modchip (or something similar) for your playstation to run the burned copy CD-R because there are information on a PSX original CD which cannot be copied with any CD-RW device.

these information are NOT bad blocks - bad blocks may be used by some games as an additional copy protection and can easily be copied with cloneCD if your devices are supported. original PSX CDs have a specific country code imbedded in the not-to-be-copied-and-so-called ‘lead-in’ of the CD. this country code is checked by the playstation when booting a game to make it impossible to run an import game from japan in germany or something. well, a selfmade CD-R has not even any country code at all in the lead-in, therefore a non-modified playstation will stop booting and ask for an original PSX CD.

to put it simple: a mod-chip (or else) will always send an ‘OK’ to the playstation whatever CD is inserted )

there is but one mean late PSX copy protection which checks the playstation for a mod-chip. if a mod-chip is detected, the game won’t run. to work around this protection you need to ‘patch’ the original game code with a routine to replace this check before burning. you cannot ‘patch’ with cloneCD - for games protected like this I recommend CDRWIN to patch and burn. have a look at for more information on patches and how to do it.

BTW: for the successful creating of running PSX copies it is quite important which CD-R media you use. a standard playstation may not be able to read every kind of cheap CD-R media crap, having in mind the whole reading device (laser light frequency, tracking tolerance, error correction etc.) was built to read only from the pressed black originals…
CD-R media for playstation i can recommend from personal experience are verbatim (dark blue dye) and sony (blue-green dye).
and IF your cd-rw device also likes these CD-R media - bingo, U can copy at any speed U like. note: it is NOT basically the speed which is a problem, and it is NOT necessarily better to burn at a lower speed! the main point is if your cd-rw gets along with the cd-r media in use!!!

if U want to learn more about all that U can easily find several net-sources on that matter. check out (copy 1-0-1-basics and cracks on all kinda games, though U will only seldomly need the latter when using cloneCD) and (for more advanced information) to name only two.