Using a BWA file to INSTALL a game?

I have made a successful 1:1 backup of UT2K3 using the BWA file that I made from disk one. I had made a backup previously that I could use to install the game but not play it so I had to use the original cd to play. Now to my question. Do you NEED to make two sets? One without a BWA file to install the game, and one WITH a BWA file to PLAY the game?

The great guide that pfitz made:bow: says that you need to make two, but it looks like several people here are just making one copy with a BWA file to install and play the game. So, does anyone know if it is ok to just backup a cd using a BWA file and then using it to install and play the game?:confused:

I would try myself, but at this moment, I do not have any other games that I have not been able to backup.


Plextors, Toshibas and ASUS’ haves difficulty (like impossible) installing a .bwa backup. So, owners have two if they don’t want to install from the original