Using a BenQ1620 - Nero tests are very slow



I’ve been reading these forums the past few days, thank you for putting together this valuable resource. I hope someone can help me with the DVD problems I’m having.

I installed my first DVD writer the other day, a BenQ 1620. I flashed the firmware from B7H9 to B7P9. I’m using Maxell DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPN W11) and HP DVD+R 8x media (CMC MAG E01) - both of which I picked up on sale from Staples. Prior to the flashing, the HP media couldn’t be recognized by the drive (no such problems with the Maxell), but now it seems fine.

1/ Why do my disc quality tests run in Nero take so long to complete? You’ll notice in the attachments I’ve set the speed to match the rate they were burned at (either 4x or 8x) in the Settings panel on the right side. Yet in both tests Nero seems to run way below those speed settings as evidenced by the Speed listing in the bottom right of the test page (1.60x and 1.11) under progress and position. In fact, I can’t run a complete test on the RW media as I have twice seen an error message that says NO ADDITIONAL SENSE INFORMATION (040914) - what does this mean? Other screenshots of these tests in these forums show speeds much higher than this - how can I change this so the test doesn’t take 50 minutes to run? Why do the tests I’ve run not list PI Failures - is it because the tests are being run at such a slow speed?

2/ The burns to each disc took approximately 7 minutes (not including validation) - is that fast or slow considering the system and media I’m using? How can I speed it up? Do the attached Nero test results show good burn results for the media I’ve tried?

3/ I have two software ripping packages - Sonic RecordNow Deluxe (with DLA) and Nero Express. Which program should I use? DLA says all discs must be formatted (quick or full) prior to use yet it seems I can burn discs using Sonic and Nero without formatting them - is formatting really necessary?

4/ I’ve tried to use the Overburning Test and the Advanced DAE Quality Test in Nero with my blank media but they don’t work (options in the Error Test are grayed out, I can’t select a check box or start button in Run Test, and when I put a blank 8x DVD+R disk in to run the Overburning Test I get an error pop up that says “The drive doesn not support overburning with this type of disc. MEDIUM NOT PRESENT”) - do you know why?

I am using a Compaq SR1200NX desktop computer with 768mb RAM and Win XP Home, Nero CD-DVD Speed Version 3.12.

Thanks for the help.


I’m new to the forum as well and had the exact same problem with my 1620. I found out that the issue was that I was using the older versions of the nero software. You can download the newest versions here which support BenQ drives better:
When you finish downloading them, just drag them into your nero infotool folder and they should replace the existing files no problem. After I made those changes everything worked great.


Thank you Grae. I downloaded the newer Nero software and the Nero CD-DVD test runs much faster now. I haven’t had a chance to try the other updated Nero utilities, but I will give them a shot tomorrow.

If you or anyone else can help wih the other questions I posted, your assistance will be very much appreciated.


What kind of numbers are you getting now? My BenQ 1620 can’t seem to get above 2x speeds. Might be hardware related for me though.

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