Using a 48x burner to burn at 8x?

Is there any truth to the rumour that these newer burners (32x and above) had difficulty burning at slower 4x or 8x speeds?

Yes, no?

I never like to burn faster than 12x. Call it a mental block, but I want to make sure it’s “right”.



don’t worry, it’s just rumors.

My 2 drives, LiteOn LTR-48125W & Plextor PX - W4012A, would successfully burn @4x & 8x when/if needed.
In fact, for audio CDs I quite often use Plextor’s feature called VariRec, which limits the writing speed to only 4x.

So, it’s up to you to choose these particular speeds and even the newer drives is no exception in this case. :wink:

You can answer this question yourself by doing a few simple tests on the media you intend to use. Ther is certainly no evidence that burning at the rated speed for the drive and media will produce any problems, so maybe you need to be more “daring”.
In general, it’s best to burn slow on low-speed media and not on high-speed media, but run your own tests with CDSpeed and see what error-rates you get.

OK, I decided to take my own advice, (curiosity got the best of me).
Here are some tests:
700MB image file burned using a LTR-52246S, firmware 6S07
Reading drive is a LTR-48125W, read speed is 48x CAV.

First, burned at 4x, Imation 48x media.

Next, same media burned at 48x, everything the same:

It seems that rumors are not always just rumors.
The error rate is clearly higher on the 4x burned media. While it is arguable whether these C1 errors are significant, or would make any difference to the readability of your burned media, (now, or in the future), nevertheless … there they are. CDSpeed shows that both of these CDR’s are “error-free”.

I also gotta say ; Damn that’s a good burner!!!:bigsmile:

It was an article I read in PC Magazine. Yah, Ziff-Davis usually doesn’t know what they are talking about, but the editor specifically mentioned the Plextor 12/10/32 was probably the best writer made because it was the “last” of the burners that didn’t write too fast for their own good.

Grimes, Where did you get that program above the gives the graph on C1 errors? Does the latest Nero do that too?


@ rdgrimes

what is the name off the program you used? and where to get it?

thanx in advance :wink:

Originally posted by Maelstrom

what is the name off the program ? and where to get it?

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