Using 3500 in usb2.0 enclosure




I am using the 3500 in a usb2.0 external enclosure (Bytecc) and am burning dvds fine. The media I was previously using was the ridata 4x dvd+rs which through nero 6 ultra allowed me to write at 8x flawlessly. I went through a 100 of those and purchased a 100-pack of the ridata 8x dvd+rs which were on a sale (ended up being cheaper than the 4x) but these will only burn at 4x for me. I have the firmware that came with the NEC - 2.16 i believe and I want to know if I can flash the firmware even though it is connected externally. Thank you


Shouldn’t be an issue, if the enclosure is a reputable brand :wink:

It’s always best though to install the drive inside the PC & then flash.


From nec website i just read:

The NEC firmware upgrade below should not be used with external USB / FireWire drives or with OEM drives from HP, DELL, Medion, Fujitsu, Siemens, Gateway, or any other OEM manufacturer

Another question…off topic but does installing hardware in a Dell void my warranty? TIA


If you’re going to flash the driver to the Official NEC 2.18 Firmware then Yes, you do have to connect the driver internally.

You might want to consult Dell about the warranty issue before installing the driver in it. I don’t think it should be a problem. just my opinion tho


If your 3500 came with your Dell and it gets whacked after a Non-NEC official firmware, you could void the warranty (maybe not on your entire system but just the DVD drive, but I could be wrong).

Anyways, the USB can be flashed externally. I just did that a while ago. If you want to install it internally into your Dell system first before flashing, I hope your external case isn’t too hard to open. I couldn’t figure out how to open the Plumax enclosure.


thanks for the replies guys; im gonna go ahead and install the drive into my dell and will let you know how it goes…btw what kind of firmware are you running on your 3500? i was looking at the different non-official ones on this site and saw Quikee’s 2.28 and it seems pretty sweet. But I want to go NEC 2.18 first to see if that’ll fix the burn speed problems. Thanks again


installed in computer and updated to 2.18 fine, burning at 8x no probs.