Using 3 dvd burners in my PC. trying to get it working 100%


my setup was working perfect but then i stated having problems. this is what i have

athlon xp 1800
1.5gig ram
3x pioneer 109 burners with latest 1.58 firmware
nero 7

hdd is primary master
other 3 burners are pri slave, 2nd master and 2nd slave

i burned over 100 using this setup peferctly with maxell 4x media. i then bought some 8x ridata (retek g05). ive had nothing but problems and ive also tried some cmc coded media.

sometimes the burs will start but one of the burners will get stuck writing the lead in track, sometimes they will all burn perfect, sometimes they will fail half way through.

i thought it might be something to do with the system and it could have done with a reinstall anyway so i reinstalled windows xp with sp2 and nero 7 and the only things on there and im still getiing the same problems.

i cant really decide if its the media or the setup.

ive done a search for how to setup your pc to work as a duplicator but i cant find much info. i want to keep these 3 burners and might get a 4th if i can find out how to set it up properly.

am i ok to use the setup ive got? is there anything i need to change? ive downloaded the latest aspi layer drivers from adaptec but it doesnt seem to have made a difference. ive checked to see if dms is turned on in device manager and it is.

so what im after is how to get the stuff i got setup right, and also what sort of pata or sata card i will need to get to run 4 burners and and a sata hard drive.

thanks for any help

also tried other brands of media and i suffer the same problem

Nero 7???

All 3 burners on the internal IDE controller?

I don’t think it’s possible using IDE HDD to burn 8x and above to multiple burners simultaneously without some of the drives slowing down. RitekG05 isn’t that great of a disc to begin with, but that may not be the problem. You’d probably need something like a SATA RAID with 10,000RPM hard drives to do what you’re wanting to do.

yes nero 7 ultra edition. was using latest version of 6 but thought id try 7. it is available. it looks a bit better but hasnt made a difference to the burns

ok what sort of sata raid card do i need? my motherboard hasnt got onboard sata connections but if i go for a newer one that has (most have these days dont they) will this be good enough?
a friend says i can have a maxtor maxline pluss II 250gb sata/150 hard drive. will this do the job?

i can actually get a run of something like 10+ sets to burn perfect at 8x sometimes so why should it work sometimes and not others?

all 3 burners are on the standard ide channels that come on the motherboard


started to burn at 4x thinking that everyting would be ok again and i got quite a few sets out then it crashed again and got stuck at about 75% burning. what can i do to get this right?

Buy at least 1 ODD capable IDE controller, eg. one with a SIL or ITE chip.
See the IDE-controller thread. :wink:

thanks ill have a look. is the controller for use with the burners or the hdd?

Mostly the burner(s), the HDD will work fine on the internal IDE controller. :wink:

still cant get round the fact that it was working fine before and i could even burn to all 3 at 12x with no problems

been doing some more testing tonight and i can still get some 100% burns with all 3 burners at 8x. so it does work and it can work, but for some reason not all the time.

The problem can be caused by one of the three drives being much slower than the other two. Try using only one drive at a time to see if it is a drive problem. The recommendations to use separate IDE channels is a good one, bandwidth becomes a real problem with multiple dvd burners at higher speeds. Other potential sources of problems are power supply under-rated; ide cables too long (18-inches is ideal); media.

The other problem could be Nero 7 is VERY buggy. (I just bought it today, despite the bad reviews.) Did you try reverting Nero?

Personally, I bought Nero 7 because I could get it for $20 today. But I don’t think I’ll even install it until some patches some out. Too buggy.