Using 3 burning programs



Is it possible to use CDRWIN 3.8a, Nero 4075 and Feurio so far i have no problems but does anyone else this programs ?


I use Nero 4070, Cdrwin 3.7c, WinOnCd 3.6 PE & CloneCd 1024 on 1 comp.! Burnin everything with no problems! Using IDE only!


i use nero 4.0.75 crwin 3.8 clonecd 1024 and blindread 3.016,i have no problems,with ide cd writer(creative 4424)


On computer #1 I’m using Nero, CDRwin and Adaptec

On computer #2 I’m using Nero, CDRwin, Clone cd, Adaptec

So, I think that is possible