Here is a poser for all you superbrains.I’ve just backed up to two Verbatim 2.4xDL+R blanks the two disc version of "You Rang M’Lord " Series 4 (A BBC comedy series) using dvd fab platinum in CLONE Mode. These copies will play o/k in my computer drives - (NEC/ SONY Optiarc7170a, and NEC/SONY Optiarc5170a). However when I try to play them in my standalone dvdplayer ( Pioneer dv565a)I get - “NO DISC”! So as an experiment, I copied the D/L Copies (which will not play in my standalone) . in REAUTHOR Mode in DVDSHRINK to single layer blanks (eps. 1&2 to a s/l disc) ETC Guess what? The complete series played perfect !This is with FREEWARE!!! What is wrong with dvd fabplatinum (which I’ve paid very hard earned money for ) and the vso burner that I cannot back up a dual layer blank? I can do it o/k with RIPIT4ME (a DEAD FREEWARE program)!Why do you not stabilise the program before you release it ? Don’t ask for logs 'cos I don’t keep 'em.

did you ever think that it just MAY be your DL DVD’s? Most people do not like to use dual layers because there is alot of complications with them. Try making a single layer backup from your burned DL dvd’s in dvdfab and see if those too work. And if they dont then come back and bash the program alright?

Do you have "BOOKTYPE"set in common settings :confused:
some standard DVD players don’t read the +R media

As stormjumper suggested, and did you try in merge mode?
don’t bash what you can’t figure out… should have posted for help, before crying about it… :sad:

FoxRacR17 , I am using Verbatim D/L Blanks! You can’t get better! READ the bloody post!
(not trying to put you down, your input is very much valued.)
STORMJUMPER, Yes , booktype is set. Though it does not make any difference with this player. I’ve never had any problems before.

OK next question then since it works with the re-author mode using DVD Shrink and using that mode leaves things out, have you tried “FULL DISC” mode using DVDFab :confused: or even “MOVIE ONLY” mode :confused:

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You came here for help so don’t bash us.

Udate to new version

Use Nero CD-DVD Speed or ImgBurn to set your booktype/bitsetting. If those 2 programs don’t help then your firmware won’t allow it. Simple as that. Your Nec’s should be able to set booktype with Liggy and Dee-27’s modified f/w but it will void your warranty. I don’t know for sure but they used to make bitsetting f/w’s. Or use Binflash.

I just bought this DVDFab last night and i never even tried it out. [B]These guys know this program inside and out. [/B]

I’ve burned 4 DVD discs and i’m making a movie file for my Zen W and it seems to do everything so far for me as advertised.

Patience please

Not every backup made will always play in all standalone players… It’s not a perfect error free process, but whatever works…I have 4 standalones and sometimes certain burns will just not be recognized or play jerky or just fail. but I’ll use what ever is in my toolchest to git er done… But I don’t bash the proggy!!! And I’m no so-called “superbrain”… :rolleyes:

Yes i read that, but just because you chose the best DL media does not mean that it is going to play in every single dvd player there is. Heck, my girlfriends dvd play will not even play ORIGINAL PRESSED DL movies properly, i have to rip them and burn them to single layer for them to work. I’m just saying that the first thing i would try looking at to fix this problem is the media

Apologies for the rant earlier - I was so frustrated! It was not my intention to diss the program. Thanks to all of you for your advice - particularly rolling56 for suggesting the firmware is out of date, it is.The current firmware is 7170A -1.02 ATA,
5170A - 1.11 ATA.I’ve never updated a drive before, is it easy to do?Any help will be very much appreciated.I’m off to work now, back in 9 hours.
P.S Upon turning over the d/ls that won’t play in my standalone ,I see that the burned part if the disc nearest the centre hole is much lighter(about15mm in distance) than the outer half of the disc. Is this normal?

Looks like rolling56 is spot on with his firmware advice…no surprise there.

Yes, firmware is easy to update and done all the time. However, a bad or mis-flash can render your burner useless…a very expensive paperweight… :eek:
I don’t know beans about NEC chipsets…whether or not they’re recoverable with a bad flash…most burners are not. Keep in mind a flash with 3rd party firmware will void your warranty as rolling pointed out.
Be precise re: your burner and firmware…being pretty close doesn’t work here.

Read over the The NEC/Optiarc firmware threads on cdf by Dee-27…she did an outstanding job. There’s a ton of info and links there…you should be all set.
Here you go:

The NEC/Optiarc F.A.Q..

btw…thanks for apologizing to us… :wink:

Thanks very much for the info.I’ll give it a try and let you know what happens.
Thanks again

SUCCESS! By heck, I don’t want to do that again in a hurry! Although perhaps I may find it easier the next time now that I know how to do it.Tried nine times - kept getting “Update Failed” every time. Then I read the FAQs on Liggy & Dees Binflash and tried flashing the drives in Windows Safe Mode which was something I had no idea how to do ,so googled it and got the info on how to do it. Started this, then was absolutely busting to take a leak (if you know what I mean) , got to the w/c ,bloody hell! water all over the floor - leaky pipe!Cleared all the water up and stuck a saucepan under the pipe. Will fix it when I get up in the morning.Anyway, I finally flashed both drives 5170a is now 1.12 (ata) 7170a is now 1.04 (ata).But - will they burn o/k? Will keep you posted. Very many thanks to all who have posted on this thread, without your help I couldn’t have done it.

You should be good to go with those f/w’s. When flashing make sure you select the correct drive.

Let us know how the burning goes.

With regard to backing up to dual layer discs, has anyone got any opinion on the best method to use? The way i’ve been doing it is with Clone mode and selecting my second burner as the target. Is there a better way? (Using DVDFAB PLATINUM)

Back when Fab 2 had issues with the layer break, I did quite a few DLs as clones…used 2-3 apps. I’ve also done some with Fab 3 in clone mode…they’re flawless.
These days, when the file size calls for it, I usually just do the main movie on DLs. Generally, I just don’t like the extra features and crap on the bkup…I just want the movie.

IMO, it just comes down to personal preference. You should be able to configure your DL rip and burn pretty much any way you want and maintain quality bkups.

Hi all,
just backed up “SEVEN” to D/L blank.Using Platinum in CLONE Mode, ripped to file, then burned with IMGBURN @ 2.4X speed to Verbatim d/l + blank with NEC / SONY Optiarc 7170a Burner (1.04 (ATA) Firmware) Flawless! I have not tried backing up from writer to writer using the VSO burner since my last disaster!The Verbs cost too much.I will only use D/L blanks for real good movies , which Seven is surely one. Normally I will back up to Main Movie.

Congrats on the DL burn. Img works really great, but to be honest, VSO is just as good, for my DLs anyway.

Keep an eye on CD Freaks Bargain Basement thread for sales on the DL verbs.
I got a 120 of 'em (in 10 pks) from officemax a few months back for about $1.05-1.10 each…free shipping and no sales tax…sweeeet!

Hey maineman,
I’ve just tried out Ridisk silver printable 2.4 x dvd+r D/Ls with my NEC 7170a. They are an absolute dream ! They also print superb on my epson r220. The cost here in U.K is
£15.99 (31. 63 US Dollars) for a 25 pod pack.( .A third of the price of Verbatim 2.4x dvd+rs.I am using Img Burn 'cause I know how it works , AND I trust it! Never had a failure with this prog.

Hey, glad to hear the DL burns are going well and nothing wrong with using Img that’s for sure.
Are these DLs… CMC MAG D01?
If so, I think you’re lucky, but hey, they’re working and…
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!.. :wink: