Using 2 writers at once?



I used to be able to use 2 writers at once with Nero & with Roxio
Now I can with Roxio but cant with Nero any ideas why ?
Ive updated to the latest Nero and it does reconise both drives.


I really don’t understand your problem. My tower has four writers, but I olny use one at a time. You can’t burn two discs at once, but your programs should definitely recognize the writers. Just choose your source and destination and maybe you could give us more facts.


Sorry if I havent explained it properly.
At one time with Nero if you had 2 writers it was possible to burn 2 copies an the same time.Which of course saved a lot of time, but the button for this seams to have disappeared. :frowning:


I am sorry but I personally never have done that, I would think you would need alot of Ram and no background apps running, I didn’t even know it could be done. I am sorry if I wasn’t more helpful.


you don’t have the “Use Multiple Recorders” check box in the burn dialog?

i burn 2-3 copies simultaneously all the time using Nero…


Thats whats gone missing. :frowning:
It doesnt seem to be in my present version :confused:


not sure why that would happen…have you tried uninstalling, Nero Clean Tool and full reinstall?


Thank-you will try that. :slight_smile:


no problem…good luck and let us know if it works :slight_smile:


Unloaded Nero.
Used cleantool.
Reloaded Nero
didnt work!
Unloaded again ,
it worked !!
Now updated to and this time everything OK
Thank-you for your help :slight_smile:


glad you got it sorted…happy burning on multiple recorders :smiley: