Using 2 thermal printers simultaneously

Hey guys, I have 2 rimage prism thermal printers connected via usb. Anyone know how to use them both at the same time? I’d like to print the same label on both printers to cut my print time in half. Right now it is taking WAY too long to label 1000 cds. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Using XP I have had no problems printing to 2 USB printers at the same time. However you will have to have 2 versions of the printing software open at the same time each feeding their own printer. You will probably have to rename one of the printers to avoid confusion.

I moved this thread to the CD & DVD Printing and Labelling forum, which covers this topic. The P2P forum is intended for the discussion of file sharing, music download services, etc.

Okay, I’ll try that. Thanks weedougie.

Sorry Sean!